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Sparkling People Services

Sparkling People Services

By Silvia Perez - Navarro

Orientación profesional
Career guidance

We help clients to change jobs and/or organisations, sharing our knowledge and experience in the legal field to help them in their search.

Análisis de Talento
Talent Analysis

We are experts in analysing the best legal profiles for top law firms and large national and international companies.

About Us

Sparkling People Services was created in October 2020. It is a project which further develops Silvia Pérez-Navarro's 2008 initiative of head hunting and counselling for lawyers. In this new phase, Silvia continues to serve the legal sector, helping its professionals to achieve their personal goals and those of their teams. For law firms and businesses Sparkling People Services offers Individual and Team Executive Coaching, Career Guidance and Talent Identification services to the legal profession.


We design our services according to the specific needs of each of our clients. We believe that each professional (each person) and each team (each system) is different and unique, that they have a light that shines with a spark of its own. That is why they need a unique and exclusive service. We provide our services with professionalism, honesty, consistency, respect, proximity and flexibility.

Silvia Pérez-Navarro

Silvia Pérez-Navarro

«Sparkling People, Sparkling Teams»

I studied Law because I was attracted by the way society was regulated and I thought it would allow me to analyse, debate and provide solutions. I hesitated between Law and Hispanic Philology, due to my passion for literature and grammar. I was always interested in words, conversations and people. I also wanted to study languages, travel and get to know ways of thinking and cultures different from my own.

I also wanted to do different things during my professional career that would make me feel fulfilled and complete when I look back on it in the future. So I decided to leave law and combined my knowledge of law and the legal profession with my interest in people. I founded and managed a lawyer search and selection firm in Spain. At that stage I learned many more aspects of the legal profession and the inner workings of law firms and corporate law firms.

I now put all of the above at the service of my clients, as well as my goal to continue to help them in their professional fulfilment and in the leadership of their teams, to help them feel satisfied while they make their way, and, in the future, when they look back.

Silvia Pérez-Navarro

Silvia Pérez-Navarro

«Sparkling People, Sparkling Teams»

I decided to leave the Law sector to combined my legal profession with my interest in people. I now put all of the above at the service of my clients, as well as my goal to continue to help them in their professional fulfilment and in the leadership of their teams, to help them feel satisfied while they make their way, and, in the future, when they look back.

Client testimonials

“Lo que más destacaría de ella, sería su involucración y el papel crucial que ha desarrollado como mentora y coach en la transición de la universidad a la vida laboral. Incluso una vez acabado el curso académico, Silvia estuvo constantemente atenta y dispuesta a ayudarme a encontrar un punto de partida a partir del cual construir mi carrera”.

Alumni de la Universidad Francisco Vitoria, doble grado ADE y relaciones internacionales

"Silvia helped me to make a career choice in the civil service. With her questions and reflections on the legal market, I was able to make a difficult decision which has certainly helped me to build my career to date."

Administrative Law Partner at Professional Services Firm

"Silvia is able to guide you with precision to obtain the desired result. Her experience as a lawyer in international firms and different jurisdictions gives her a privileged insight that allows her to identify what is expected from lawyers in a market that is constantly evolving."

Santiago Roca, Special Legal Consultant, Clifford Chance

"After years of management experience in different positions in public administrations, intense and exhausting, my coaching process helped me to find a new meaning and motivation in my daily professional life".

Director Legal Counsel of Public Entity

"Silvia is an excellent coach. She helped me to set a clear goal from the beginning and I worked with her until I achieved it".

Marina Bugallal, General Counsel, Dentsu

"From the first session Silvia has been clear, respectful, confident, professional, responsible, committed and has given me valuable feedback".

Cristina Esteban, Legal Associate, Deloitte

"It helped me to reflect on why I like this profession and, as a result, I was able to identify what my next step should be".

Corporate counsel of a multinational company

"El espacio de reflexión que me ayudó a crear Silvia supuso un punto de inflexión en mi carrera. Me permitió tomar conciencia de mis auténticas inquietudes y pasiones y dar forma desde ese nuevo entender a los objetivos que quería lograr."

Miguel González Inés, Managing Director en Regtech Solutions (Grupo Logalty), 2021

Sparkling People Services

Executive Coaching

To achieve an individual or team professional objective.

Career Guidance

To facilitate change or promotion to a new position or organisation.

Talent Analysis

To help companies identify the best talent in their recruitment processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting?

In Coaching we don't coach, we encourage the client to question his or her perspective. In Mentoring, the mentor's experience is shared. In Consulting, we facilitate and intervene in the performance of teams.

How long does an individual or a team coaching process last?

The individual one, approximately 8 to 10 sessions every 15 days on average, and the team one, 6 to 12 months in alternating team meetings.

How many sessions are usually needed in Career Guidance?

Between 1 and 4 are usually needed, depending on the situation and preferences of the client.

Can I combine a Coaching programme with a Career Guidance programme?

Yes, because each may have a different objective and they may be compatible, or even complementary.

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