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We find legal, tax and compliance talent for companies and law firms

Our services have managed to find hundreds of suitable candidates for national and international law firms and companies, with long-term commitment to the organisation. We find the person or team needed by the client and introduce the candidate to a new and best fitting professional project.

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Sparkling people services

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Client Testimonials

"What I would highlight about her is her involvement and the crucial role she has played as a mentor and coach in the transition from university to working life. Even after the academic year was over, Silvia was constantly attentive and willing to help me find a starting point from which to build my career".

Antonio Roca, Alumnus of the Universidad Francisco Vitoria,
double degree in Business Administration and International Relations

"Silvia helped me choose a career option in the civil service. Her questions and reflections relating to the legal market helped me make a difficult decision which has undoubtedly helped me to continue building my professional career to date".

Public Law Partner at Professional Services Firm

“Silvia is able to guide you accurately to obtain the desired result. Her experience as a lawyer in international firms and different jurisdictions gives her a privileged view which allows her to identify what is expected from lawyers in a constantly evolving market”.

Santiago Roca, Special Legal Consultant, Competition Law, Clifford Chance Washington

“After intense and exhausting years of management experience in different positions in public entities, my coaching process helped me find a new meaning and motivation to my daily professional life”.

Legal Director of Public Entity

"Silvia is an excellent coach. She helped me set a clear goal from the beginning of the process and I worked with her until I achieved it."

Marina Bugallal, General Counsel, Legal & Governance EMEA, NEC, London

“From the first session Silvia has been clear, respectful, reliable, professional, responsible, committed and has given me valuable feedback”.

Cristina Esteban, Legal Associate, Banking Law, Deloitte

“She helped me reflect about why I like this profession, and, as a result, I was able to identify my next step”.

Corporate counsel of multinational company, Madrid

“The space for reflection which Silvia helped me to create, was a turning point in my career. It allowed me to become aware of my true motivation and passion and to shape the objectives which I wanted to achieve under this new perspective”.

Miguel González Inés, Managing Director at Regtech Solutions
(Logalty Group), Madrid

Sparkling People Services was created in October 2020. It is a project which further develops Silvia Pérez-Navarro's legal head hunting initiative in 2008, following her prior legal practice for 14 years.

We design our services according to the specific needs of each of our clients. We believe that every professional and every team is different and unique, they all have a light that shines with a spark of its own. That is why they need a unique and exclusive service. We provide our services with professionalism, coherence, efficiency, respect, closeness and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions address the most common concerns, questions and objections that our customers have. We have designed this section to provide quick and direct answers to your questions. If your questions are not covered in this section please do not hesitate to contact us.
What is the difference between direct search and candidate selection?
Direct search entails an active search in the market (in our case, the legal sector) by the head hunter, leveraging a network of contacts as well as knowledge of the sector and the professionals who work in it, and contacting the potential candidates directly. On the other hand, candidate selection refers to publishing a job offer requesting candidates passively and in a generic manner, followed by screening and selection of appropriate candidates, if there are any, by the consultant. In Sparkling People Services we only carry out direct searches, providing a service of the highest quality and achieves the best results.
What is the difference between Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting?

Coaches do not guide, we encourage the client to question his/her perspective to achieve the expressed objective. In Mentoring, the mentor shares his/her experience. Consultants facilitate and intervene in team performance.

How long does an individual or a team coaching process last?

Individual coaching takes an average of approximately 8 to 10 sessions every 15 days. Team coaching programs generally take 6 to 12 months in alternating team meetings, and may be combined with specific workshops.

Our News

Café con Acentos, de Radio Libertad, entrevista a Silvia Pérez-Navarro

Café con Acentos, de Radio Libertad, entrevista a Silvia Pérez-Navarro

En esta entrevista, Silvia Pérez-Navarro, nos lleva a través de su notable trayectoria académica y profesional, compartiendo aspectos personales que han influido en su enfoque laboral. Este diálogo íntimo nos ofrece una visión profunda de cómo los desafíos y aprendizajes de la vida se entrelazan con una carrera en constante evolución.

Taller para mujeres profesionales de Compliance de la asociación Women in a Legal World

Taller para mujeres profesionales de Compliance de la asociación Women in a Legal World

Nos enfocamos en desarrollar habilidades de comunicación y gestión emocional dentro del entorno del Compliance Corporativo. Fue una sesión muy apreciada por las participantes, quienes valoraron especialmente las dinámicas y herramientas prácticas que compartimos. Tengo algunas fotos y puedo preparar un texto detallado sobre el taller y las actividades que realizamos, que fueron recibidas con mucho entusiasmo.