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Professor of Professional Mentoring at the University Francisco de Vitoria

Silvia Pérez-Navarro as a professor of professional mentoring.

Silvia, managing partner at Sparkling People Services, lectures at the University Francisco de Vitoria, the course "Professional Mentoring" is included in the Integral Leadership Programme (ILP) offered to its double degree students at the Faculty of Law and Business in the 2020-2021 academic year. This subject is included in the postgraduate programme on Leadership and Governance that is offered in collaboration with the University of Notre Dame/Mendoza College of Business (USA) to students of Law+Business, Law+International Relations and Business+International Relations.

silvia perez navarro

Silvia Pérez-Navarro

"I am delighted to shed some light on the new generation of legal and business professionals in their search for employment."

Silvia offers students practical career guidance group sessions and individual mentoring sessions to help them design their future career path and organise their job search according to current market trends.

It provides accurate and comprehensive information on current trends in the legal and business market, and on the most in-demand positions, as well as others that are less known to the public. It also teaches students how to approach their job search in an organised and effective way. Finally, they practice the different steps required by law firms and companies in their recruitment processes, including role-playing interview sessions and group dynamics based on real cases.

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