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Sparkling People, Sparkling Teams

We believe that every professional and every team is different and unique, that they have a light that shines with a spark of their own.

Sparkling People Services was created in October 2020 as a continuation of the project that Silvia Pérez-Navarro started in 2008, as a head hunter and counsellor for lawyers, and after 14 years of practising law. This initial project consisted of helping, on the one hand, legal professionals to develop their professional career and their personal talent, and, on the other hand, helping law firms and companies to configure their legal teams in an efficient and human way.

In this new stage, Silvia continues to serve the legal sector, helping its professionals to achieve their personal goals and those of their teams, and helping law firms and companies to select legal talent. To this end, Sparkling People Services offers the legal profession Executive Individual and Team Coaching, Career Guidance and Talent Identification services.


We provide a high quality service oriented to the achievement of the client's objective.


We always work with clarity, transparency and responsibility in every project.


We are accessible to the client and create a space of mutual trust.


All information received by the client is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

"I combined my knowledge of law with my interest in people".

After practising law in international law firms, I founded and managed a law search and selection firm in Spain. I acquired a global and detailed vision of the inner workings of law firms and companies. I also started in the exciting world of Coaching and Career Guidance.

I now put all of the above at the service of my clients, who have always enriched me both professionally and personally. My goal is to continue to help them in their professional fulfilment and in the leadership of their teams, to help them feel satisfied while they are making their way, and in the future, when they look back.

Sparkling People Services, S.L.

Managing Partner and Board Member

Individual and Team Coach, Career Coaching, Talent Identification.

Iterlegis Legal Staffing Solutions, S.L.

Managing Partner and Board Member

Head hunter for lawyers, tax advisors and compliance professionals.


Managing Associate

Head of the Competition and EU Law Department.

EGEDA-Entidad Gestión Derechos Productores Audiovisuales (Media Producers Collective Society)


Legal Advisor on Competition and Intellectual Property Law.

Clifford Chance
Brussels and Madrid

Associate Lawyer

Associate (Brussels) and Head of EU and Competition law (Madrid).

General Court of the EU


Cabinet of the Spanish Judge Rafael García-Valdecasas.

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